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United for more than 30 years and affiliated with the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, the CCU is the employees’ Voice on County-wide matters such as health insurance, vacation pay, retirement, and many other matters that impact all County employees and their families – not just those in an individual County Department.



The Coalition of County Unions:

The CCU’s County-wide voice is strong at both the Fringe Benefit bargaining table where benefits are negotiated, and in the day-to-day implementation of the contract. The County also brings other County-wide issues that require Labor’s approval (Meet & Confer) or Labor’s consultation (Meet & Consult) to the Coalition – rather than taking these issues to each Union individually. 

Fringe Benefit Contract Negotiations

Each Union affiliated with the CCU has a maximum of three representatives at the CCU Fringe Benefit bargaining table. The CCU Chair, who is elected by the Unions affiliated with the CCU, is the Chief Negotiator for the CCU Fringe Benefit bargaining team, which negotiates with County management to determine:

  • The County’s financial contribution to the Choices Plan (medical, dental, etc.)

  • The County’s match to our Horizons Plan (deferred compensation plan)

  • Paid time off (County holidays, vacation days, sick days, injury leave, and bereavement leave)

  • Bilingual pay (all departments)

  • Civic Center parking allowance

  • Other provisions

Member Union Coordination

The CCU works with the member Unions to secure improved wages at the individual unit bargaining tables by setting up common benchmarks and sharing of information. However, each member Union negotiates their respective MOU’s with the County. The CCU also provides a forum at its regularly scheduled meetings for the exchange of information between affiliated Unions. Topics include the successful conclusion of issues about wages, hour and working conditions; and an avenue to ask for help or suggestions on resolving other issues.


Contract Implementation

A joint Labor and Management Committee (JLMC) known as the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee (EBAC) jointly administers the health, dental and life benefits provided through the Choices Plan. EBAC is comprised of five Labor representatives appointed by the CCU and five management representatives designated by the County’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). EBAC negotiates with insurance carriers over plan premiums and plan benefits, and decides on any changes in insurance providers. Other JLMCs administer the Civic Center Commuting Plan, the Employee Suggestion Award program, Wellness Fairs, and other ad hoc County-wide matters that arise on an as needed basis throughout the year. 

Political Action

When County polices, or State or Federal legislation, is proposed that impacts all County employees (positively or negatively), the CCU will take political action collectively to protect the members. The CCU also participants in the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor’s political program to support or oppose candidates and ballot measures that have direct impact on County employees and the services we provide. 

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